06/19/2017 UPDATE:

It’s time to move on beyond using polls, to concentrate more on marketing, both my own and helping other marketers, by using “How to” and “Demo” videos.
I’m new to this, but believe these videos can make a difference by showing what is being recommended, what I’m doing differently and why.

I’ll do my best to provide details of any software or other offers that I may promote, along with the usual notice that I may receive a commission.

Not everything shown will be an affiliate offer and you will know when one is being referenced.

Source Links will always be provided and comments/suggestions welcome.


In no way do I make any claims of success or encourage others to “do what I do”. The videos and other information shared on this blog are for your information only.
I hope you find them useful and enlightening.


I’m consolidating the user polls for easy access on the main menu. The three (3) home pages of offers with polls are consolidated to the new All Polls home page. You will find all the polls by navigating to that page, or by using the main menu drop down under “All Polls”.

Do you trust online reviews in search results or testimonials on a website?

The name TrendRandom is derived from my desire to provide an honest collection of relevant references for a variety of products and services offered online.

Did you know that the majority of “reviews” found online in the search results end up being a “self promotion” by some affiliate, or a dishonest attempt to discredit a competitor? On site customer testimonials are not reliable either, because the owner has complete control over what reviews get published.

I consider myself to be an “atypical” affiliate marketer. Here’s why:

In fact I’m a very Disobedient Entrepreneur.

I remember the first time my parents asked me what my favorite color was. I had a hard time making up my mind. Over time it has changed from red, to blue and currently to purple (but don’t hold me to it).

I don’t have a favorite ice cream. There are many flavors that I like a lot, but not a favorite “one”. If I had the money I’d buy one of each flavor and rotate them.

Yes sometimes I do have a “favorite”. For instance, although I love a lot of entertainers, Elvis will always be the “king of Rock N’ Roll”. He was very unique and a huge exception to my normal non compliance to “choosing a favorite”.

I’ve had the same problem “finding my niche”.

In the past, all my attempts at marketing have FAILED.

I just don’t have the kind of focus needed to settle on just one niche area.

I just don’t have the type of personality to “promote” or “sell” offers. I’m just no good at creating an effective “sales pitch” and need to really believe in a product to even try to create one (which still left me with no sales).

I’m done trying to promote a specific product or service and have decided to make my “niche” questioning users about the promises made by sales claims.

I still plan to join affiliate programs and offers, but not to “promote” them like everyone else. I would rather you, the user, answer “yes” or “no” to questions asking if you think the promises made in the sales promotions were kept.

In this way, I only make commissions from sales based on the honest “yes” or “no” answers to straightforward questions, processed by an independent third party

How (I hope) this will work.

Over time, polls will be created relating to specific product or service offers, targeting specific promises made and asking for users of the product or service to give “yes” or “no” answers telling us if those promises were kept.

The polls will also ask the user to give a “yes or “no” answer to the question “Would you recommend this offer?”

The polls are created using The results are generated independently on that site with no direct interaction from me, here at TrendRandom. The results are presented “as is”, regardless of whether or not I stand to earn a commission on sales.

All polls are blocked from repeat voters “by cookie & IP address”.

To view the independent poll results just select “View Results” located on the bottom left corner of each poll. In this way you can be sure that I have not influenced the results, regardless of my affiliation and possible commision resulting from positive results.

Poll "View Results" Button
Poll “View Results” Button
Poll "Results" Screen
Poll “Results” Screen

Your participation in the polls is greatly appreciated and helps others decide if an offer is a good choice.

I hope you agree that even though I stand to earn a commission on sales, it is you the user who ultimately will determine the value of each offer, without my influence or promotion.

Thanks for helping me get past deciding what “my favorite offer or niche” should be.

Feel free to use the Contact Form should you have any questions, comments or would like to make a suggestion regarding any online offers you would like me to consider for polling.

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